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        Black PCB electric plating layer cause analysis
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        Black PCB electric plating layer cause analysis
        1 gold cylinder control
        Circuit board the contaminated degree of gold cylinder and stability than the nickel cylinder will be better.But need to pay attention to check whether the following several aspects: 1 gold cylinder supplements to add enough and too much?How about 2 liquid PH control?3 conductive salt?If test results no problem, now is the gold cylinder control.General if just keep good circuit board liquid filtration and supplement.Then use the AA machine analysis analysis of impurities in the solution.Margin cylinder of liquid state.Finally, don't forget to check the gold cylinder filter cotton core is haven't change for a long time.If it is that is can't control strictly.Don't to change quickly.
        When it comes to PCB electric plating layer nigrescent reason and solve the problem.Due to the actual factory production line, recently received peer EMA IL contact with QQ.The equipment used, the potion system is not the same.Therefore need to analysis and disposal of products and the actual situation to solve.Here is only about three general common cause problems for your reference.

        2 plating nickel layer thickness control.
        How can say to the nickel plating layer thickness on the circuit board actually electric plating layer are usually very thin, you must have thought high dizziness said black electric plating layer.Reflect on the surface of electric plating problem has many is caused due to the poor performance of plating nickel general slants thin nickel plating layer can cause product appearance will be white and black.So this is the preferred plant engineering and technical personnel to check the project.Generally need to about 5 um nickel plating layer thickness is enough.

        3 the potion of electroplating nickel cylinder condition
        No carbon processing in time, or to say ni cylinder.If the potion of nickel cylinder can not get good maintenance for a long time.PCB plating of nickel layer would be prone to flaky crystal, the coating hardness and brittleness.Serious will produce black coating problems.This is a lot of people are easy to overlook the control point.Also often is the important reason of the problem.So please carefully check your factory production line of the potion, comparative analysis, and a thorough carbon treatment in time, to restore the potion activity and clean of the plating solution.If not a carbon that is more big

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